Bastion Security operators assist with a wide range of security services such as close protection, residential security, event security, monitoring, and surveillance, both in the UK and globally.

Our high calibre operators are professional, discreet, and are vetted by the UK Government for criminal records. All our operators have either served within the British Army, UK Special Forces, Special Forces Support Group, British Military Intelligence  or British Police.

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We carefully plan your personal security programme taking into account your language, lifestyle and family considerations to ensure any threat to you and your family is mitigated in the office, at home and whilst travelling. 

We can deploy both single operatives and Close Protection Teams across the world. Female operatives can be supplied to suit any family needs. 

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At Bastion Security we provide 24/7 residential, estate & office security solutions. We conduct a full security threat assessment and provide you with the best-tailored solution to protect your property.

Our close protection operators can also help you with liaising with law enforcement agencies, logistics and coordination.



Security should be at the forefront of your mind whether you're a small store owner or a manager of a big supermarket. We work with major retail brands to protect physical assets from shoplifters, stocked and displayed goods from damage and ensure safety of  costumers and staff from improper behaviour.


We have a team of experienced and representable static and mobile retail security guards who will act as your eyes and ears on the ground, giving your visitors an impression of well-guarded store thus acting as an important psychological deterrent.

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We provide a full spectrum security solutions for all kinds of events. Our operatives are experienced with providing security at government and military sites in the UK and overseas as well as sensitive commercial sites such as:

  • Bars, restaurants and studios

  • Concert halls and music festivals

  • Construction sites

  • Hospitals

  • High-profile award and show ceremonies

  • Cultural and religious events

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Bastion Security provides 24/7 covert surveillance and observations for the private sector. Our investigation and surveillance operators are discreet, professional, all having served within various governmental agencies undertaking surveillance tasks.



Our experienced team will support the security, safety and well-being of yours, your family and employees whist travelling both nationally and internationally.


Travelling to hostile environment can be stressfull and that is why at Bastion Security we put a huge emphasise on preparations, including full security briefs and travel plans prior to your deployment.


Bastion Security can offer help and advice, not only on the security situation but also on political, language, cultural and religious issues that may affect your stay in a country or geographical area. Whilst our niche expertise covers hostile countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya, we are able to accompany you to any country in the world.

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Bastion Security offers a full range of consultancy services depending on the training needs of our customer, specialising on Afghanistan and surrounding countries for over a decade.


From basic cultural understanding of Afghan politics, security, language or religious issues, to role play, interpreting and translation services, we offer each an every client a taylor-made support.


Our niche expertise is Afghanistan with deep knowledge of our native, military and civilian personnel. 


"Bastion Security has repeatedly proven to be utterly reliable in every respect, always going the extra mile to ensure the work is done to a very high standard."